to be Intuitively in-sync


Kohei Inoue Agency for Cultural Affairs 

Japanese Bamboo Flute ”Shinobue” , Japanese ”Taiko” drum and Japanese Banjo ”shamisen” player
Performed in number of countries as a central player for 12 years in “Ondekoza”
which spread Japanese drums to the world.
Not only four performances at Carnegie Hall but also performed all over the United States accomplishing 15,000km trip
Active as “AUN” with twin brothers.
The helping hands Haori Shamisen performance unique to twins has been fascinating adults and children for 30 years.
Appointed as a Japan cultural envoy by the Agency for Cultural Affairs in 2011.
Established the “AUN J Classical Orchestra”, a group of Japanese musicians.
World Heritage Performance activities at Mont Saint-Michel, Angkor Wat, Yoshino Zao-do, Yakushiji, etc.


Main production◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆

NHK “TV EHON” music production
NHK Sports Japan Composition / Performance
YOKOHAMA Tire CM Composition / Performance
Maruha Nichiro CM Composition / Performance
Yokohama DeNA Baystars “KASSAI” Composition / Recording
Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Yokoso! Japan Music Produce
Ise Jingu Official Video Composition / Performance
Meiji Chocolate Effect Ondo Arrangement / Recording
NHK “NIHONGO DE ASOBO” Composition / Performance
Musical TOBIRAZA theater performance appearance
Yosakoi provided music
Nippon Broadcasting Corporation jingle music production
Pro Surfer Naohisa Ogawa DVD music provided
Def Tech Micro solo album Yukiyanagi participated
Adopted for ANA international in-flight music, etc.


Main performance history◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆
New York Carnegie Hall  (4 times)
Atlanta FOX Theater
New York Emmy Award Ceremony
New York Live House Tour SOB etc.
LA performance
Greek Acropolis Theater
Guatemala Antigua  (World Heritage)
Israel performance
50th anniversary performance of India / Pakistan diplomatic relations
South America Tour   Costa Rica / Guatemala / Colombia
Asia Four Country Tour    Thailand / Laos / Vietnam / Cambodia
Asia Three Country Tour   Bangladesh / India / Sri Lanka
Papua New Guinea Tour  (2 times)
Washington DC Cherry Blossom Festival  (5 times)
Shanghai Expo performance
China Yumi Katsura bridal show performance
Inside the French Monastery of Mont Saint Michel  (World Heritage)
Cambodia Angkor Wat special stage pass  (World Heritage)
Italy Tour   Rome / Florence / Lucca / San Marino  (World Heritage)
Croatia Dubrovnik   Performed with Dubrovnik Classic Orchestra  (World Heritage)
Asia 4 Country Tour 2012   Thailand / Indonesia / Vietnam / Cambodia
Asia 2 Country Tour 2013   Brunei / Malaysia
Asia 3 Country Tour 2014   Brunei / Vietnam / Myanmar
Asia 5 Country Tour 2015   Singapore / Indonesia / Laos / Malaysia / Thailand
Asia 3 Country Tour 2016   Philippines / Singapore / Dalian China
Singapore  Esplanade Hall
Australia  Sydney Brisbane
Russia performance  Moscow/ St. Petersburg
Japan representative Beijing Olympic Stadium Chinese president Xi Jinping  hosted by Asian culture carnival
Japan-Russia Summit Meeting Prime Minister’s Dinner Party St. Petersburg Ekaterina Palace
“American national anthem” performance at the Boston Fenway Park Red Sox opening ceremony
Yokohama Stadium Japanese National Anthem “Kimigayo” Shinobu Flute Solo
Rakuten KOBO Stadium Japanese National Anthem “Kimigayo” Shinobue Solo
Tokyo Dome Japanese national anthem “Kimigayo” performance
Asuka Cruise Hawaii to Japan
Nippon Maru Cruise  (5 times)
Pacific Venus Cruise


Main performance history◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆

His Majesty the Emperor 10th anniversary(in front of the Imperial Palace)
33rd Japan Awards Ceremony  (Temporary Crown Prince)
Fukuoka National Cultural Festival  (Temporary Crown Prince)
Kumano Taisha Shrine World Heritage Registration Memorial  (World Heritage)
Byodo-in Temple  (World Heritage National Treasure)
Yoshino Zaodo  (World Heritage)
Hiraizumi Moutsuji Temple  (World Heritage)
Yakushiji votive performance  (World Heritage)
Munakata Taisha  (World Heritage)
Meiji Jingu votive performance
Ise Shrine votive performance
Kajiwara Shrine votive performance
Kasuga Taisha votive performance
Himeji Castle
Hikone Castle
Myouhonji Temple  (Kamakura)
Shoumyouji Temple  (Yokohama)
Kamakura Shrine (special stage of Noh) 2 times of the Kamajazz Festival
Jochiji  (Kita-Kamakura)
Kenchoji digital hanging scroll x performance  (Kamakura)
Kenchoji Ryuoden  (Kamakura)
Kakuonji  (Kamakura)
Ikegami Honmonji Temple  (Ota Ward)
Mamazan Kuho-ji  (Chiba)
Sairenji Temple  (Chiba)
Shugenji  (Kamakura)
Kajiwara Shrine  (Nara)
Nitta Shrine  (Ota Ward)
Imamiya Shrine  (Atami)
Yaizu Shrine  (Shizuoka)
Nationally designated important cultural property “Nakamura Family Housing” (Okinawa)
One of the Kamakura “Koga House”
Owari Tsushima Tenno Festival


Main media appearance◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆

ONDEKOZA (Japanese Taiko Drum Group)
1996 TBS Morning EYE
June 5, 1996 NHK BS 2 Oniko drum live performance at Tennozu Isle Art Sphere
1999.November 12, NHK Emperor’s Majesty 10th anniversary national celebration

September 24, 2001 Sakai NHK Paradise NHK Hall
May 19, 2002 NHK “Your Encore Variety is the Tsugaru Shamisen!”
March 16, 2002 NTV “Merengue’s Feelings”
May 29, 2003 Tokyo MX TV “Senri Oe live Depot”
2003 Viewsic “AUN SPECIAL”
May 6, 2003 TV Asahi “Tetsuko’s Room”
2004 Fukuoka Tobiume Kokubun Festival
December 12, 2004 NHK BS2 Kumano World Heritage Site
2005 NHK Global Street Angle
2005 NHK BS Hi-Vision Shibuya Live Museum “Songless Music Festival” January 24,
2005 Kansai TV “Flying the World from the Sun”
2005 NHK Osaka “Upper Club at 4 o’clock” Friday Concert
2005 NHK Nagoya “Sarasara Salad”
2005 Nippon TV “Traveling the Tokoro-san to the Japanese Islands International Marriage”
2005 NHK “It’s lunch! Fureai Hall” August 2, 2006 The Music Now “AUN”

Aun J Classic Orchestra

September 25, 2010 BS NTV’s Bond World Heritage “Mont Saint-Michell!
March 21, 2011 TBS Hanamaru Market “Hanamaru Spotlight” corner appearance
August 21, 2011 TV Asahi “DAIMEINONAI Concert”
December 11, 2011 BS NTV summed up in the world heritage “Roma San Marino”!
December 22, 2012 BS NTV’s sound world heritage “Dubrovinik” sounds!
March 18, 2013 NHK “TV Picture Book” music production
April 5th, 2013 NHK “Japanese Play”
December 22, 2013 BS NTV summons the world heritage “Angkor Wat”!
June 23, 2014 NTV “World’s Best Showtime”
July 12, 2014 TV TOKYO “ad street heaven”
July 25, 2014 WOWOW Prime “Friday Cursor”
August 16, 2014 TV Asahi “Midsummer Premier Music Festival”
December 27, 2014 BS NTV “Road to ONE ASIA: Friendship with Vietnam”
February 22, 2015 NTV “School Revolution!” Genius Twin Shamisen Player
July 12, 2015 TV Asahi “DAIMEINONAI Concert”
December 27, 2015 BS NTV “Road to ONE ASIA
2015 Laos” November 20, 2016 TV Asahi “DAIMEINONAI Concert”
December 28, 2016 BS NTV “The Road to ONE ASIA 2016 Singapore Edition”
December 2, 2017 TV Asahi “DAIMEINONAI Concert” Concert to enjoy Asian musical instruments
January 6, 2018 TV Asahi “DAIMEINONAI Concert” Music Festival Enjoying Japanese Musical Instruments
August 16, 2019 NHK E-TV “Nippon Performing Arts” Summer Festival! Masters of Japanese musical instruments
March 27, 2020 NHK E-Tele “Nippon no Geinou” Omnibus Commemorating Hikari Ishida’s Program Graduation
March 29, 2022 Ryohei Inoue, Japanese musical instrument player on TV Tokyo “Tokyo Crossing”
April 15, 2022 NHK BS “Beauty Pot” Tenchiku no Investigation Wagakki Many rebroadcasts


Yuki Koyanagi (Pop Singer)
Koh Shimazaki (Pop Singer)
Shuichi Hidano (Taiko Drummer)
Hiroyuki Isso (Japanese Flute Player)
Takio Itou (Singer)
Eitetsu Hayashi (Taiko Drummer)
Satoshi Takebe (Pianist)
Maki Oguro (Rock Singer)
Aisa Ijiri (Pianist)
Joe Hisaishi Composer
Masamasa Hino  (Trumpeter)
Hiroshi Itsuki Enka Singer)
Kiyoshi Hikawa Enka Singer)
Mansai Nomura Kyogen
Misato Watanabe Pop Singer)
Senri Ooe Pop Singer)
Nanase Aikawa Pop Singer)
Kyoko Koizumi Pop Singer,Actor)
Ikue Kashiwabara Pop Singer)
Midori Goto (violinist)
Orquesta De La Luz  (Music Group)
Kosuke Atari Pop Singer)
Jero Takehiko Enka Singer)
Kogure”Shake”Takehiko (Guitarist)
Soun Takeda (calligrapher)
HZETTRIO (Jazz Trio)
Les Freres (Piano Duo)
Tatsuya Ishii Pop Singer)
Yukihide Takekawa Pop Singer)
Kanji Ishimaru  (Actor,Singer)
Morisaki Win Pop Singer,Actor)
Terence Lee  (Actor)
Lang Lang  (pianist)
TM Stevens  (Bass Player)
Clémentine  (Singer)
Tom Curren  (Pro Surfer,Musician)